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Ali invites you to join her on a mystical journey with the Holy Spirit in her debut abstract series 'Quantum Love Unveiled'. Inspired by her current season of discovery, she explores the myriad of facets of God's heart through her unique artistic expression.

An exciting feature of 'Quantum Love Unveiled' is that each piece can be displayed at any angle. Watch as the colours and shapes seemingly come to life and dance, captivating the imagination of the inner child.

Ali has enjoyed revisiting one of her first love of mediums water colour, which is used in 'Florification and 'Underwater Wonder'. Each item is uniquely hand painted with cotton fiber tips (no brushes) and non duplicated.

" I'm really enjoying discovering who I was created to be and how I can use these incredible unique gifts I've been blessed with to share the love of God."

Featured in..

2019 Exhibitions/Projects

Riviera -  Cafe debut Exhibition

No Mans Land - Cafe

His Harvest - Missions Charity Store 

Woolgoolga Gallery - LilliPilli Exhibition 2019

Bluebottles Brasserie Woolgoolga - Cafe/Sho

Yhan Leal - (Musician)                                        'to the Sun and Moon' Demo Artwork

The Garage Boardstore - Mullaway

Maya Esfandiary Designs - Boutique/Gift Shop

Late Feb - May 2019

Debut Exhibition

Riviera Top Shoppe

29A River Street, Woolgoolga NSW

          May 2019

Collaboration with His Harvest - Missions Charity


August 2019-ongoing

Selected pieces of artwork available at Maya Esfandiary Designs -              17 Warf Street, Woolgoolga NSW

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  Email:  alisonroseheartofworship@gmail.com

Instagram: aroseartheart